Welcome Stewards!

It's that time again! In preparation for the start of camp, our teen stewards visited the farm to learn more about their upcoming role. We started the morning with the flag ceremony, where stewards raised the flags as well as learned one of our favorite camp songs!

Stewards often help set up activities for campers. We discussed this responsibility while also tie-dying camp flags. Campers will get to add art to these beautiful flags throughout the summer.

Next it was time for a brain teaser. Our minds were put to the test during the grid game. Stewards had to guess the correct path to make it across the board.

In the garden, Danyal showed some of the tasks campers will be helping with throughout camp. It was also a great opportunity to try some fresh raspberries, as well as weed the bean plants!

All that hard work in the garden worked up an appetite, so we headed in for an awesome cookout lunch. Afterwards was the perfect time to tackle the low ropes course.

A wagon ride was the perfect way to relax as well as get a tour of the entire farm. Stewards also toured the poultry and lower barn. They even practiced catching and holding some of the chickens.

These were just a few moments from our day that were definitely worth sharing. We can't wait to be back on Monday for Dairy Discovery camp. See you there!

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