The Original Barnyard Buddies is Back!

After a week off, Barnyard Buddies is back! This week we stuck with our original theme, focusing on the letter “B” and all the words around the farm that start with that letter!

We started off our day by doing a fun coloring activity where the campers got to trace their hands on a piece of yellow paper and cut it out to look like the petals of a sunflower.

After all the campers arrived, we started our day!  We split up into our two groups and headed off to the Barn to see the animals!  We went to see the chickens and pigs.  While there, our campers got to collect the eggs and bring them back to our classroom to wash them!

We also got to see the cows, lambs, goats, ponies, and our llama named Cinnamon!  The mother goat, Flow, was so nice and let us milk her!  The Barn Swallows even came by to say hi – our cute little Birds that make their nests in the Barn.

After our exciting visit with the animals it was time for snack.  Since this camp focuses on the letter “B” we ate Bagels with sunflower Butter and Bananas.

After we were all energized, we got to make our snack that the campers will eat on their second day of camp.  We made our own homemade fruit snacks!  We carefully cut up apples, Bananas, and strawberries and put them in the food dehydrator so that they will become dried fruit snacks for everyone to enjoy the next day.

That activity took us all the way up to lunch.  Everyone was hungry and ready to eat!  We took a fun wagon ride out into the pasture and found a shady spot underneath the trees to have our picnic.  We laid out blankets and had a nice, relaxing lunch.

After lunch, we got back on the wagon and headed to the pumpkin patch where we got to see all the flowers that are going to turn into pumpkins in the fall.  We saw a couple little Baby pumpkins starting to grow.

We once again got back on our wagon and headed back to the classroom where we got to play with the parachute, pick some flowers, and make delicious smoothies!  We used Bananas, Berries, juice, and farm honey to make our smoothies – the campers enjoyed them so much!

Once all the campers had their smoothies and were waiting to be picked up, we had story time.  We read lots of stories per the campers requests!

At the end of the day we got to think about all the “B” words that we hear on the farm and we wrote them all down!

Our second day of camp was just as busy as our first!  Our campers arrived at camp and began their day playing with Play-Doh and barnyard toys.

We then began our day by going to visit the animals.  Each group visited the animals that they did not see the previous day.  We got to feed the chickens, collect eggs, and see the pig!  We brought the eggs back inside and washed them so they could be sold at the Farm Stand.

Our campers also got to milk Flow, our mother goat, and see the cows, Baby goats and sheep, and the llama!

All of our campers got to groom the pony, Patches, as well!

Then it was snack time!  We had to refuel before heading out to the garden.  Our campers enjoyed the delicious fruit snacks that we made the day before – dehydrated strawberries, bananas, and apples!

After snack we headed out to the garden where we harvested some delicious looking kale!  The campers did such an amazing job and were so careful when harvesting.  On our way out of the garden we stopped by the lime basil and picked some of the leaves so that the campers could smell the delicious basil growing in the garden.  Delicious!

After the garden, which tired everyone out due to the sun and the walking, it was time for lunch!  We once again got on the wagon and took a ride out to the pumpkin patch where we found a shady spot to set up our picnic.  After a delicious lunch, we used our bug nets to catch some fun little creatures!

By this time, camp was almost over.  Even though everyone was getting sad that it was almost time to leave, we had just enough time to go say goodbye to all the animals and enjoy a delicious, refreshing snack – fruit and veggie popsicles!

We had a very tearful goodbye when campers began to leave – we had such an amazing group of kids and were sad to see them go.

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