Outdoor Adventures Week 8 Day 5

Hello again everyone! Today was Fun Friday! I can't believe that today was the last week of camp this summer! What an incredible time we had with all the campers!

To get the day rolling, our red peppers led us through the flag ceremony and warm up song. This morning, the peppers sung a camp classic, "The Hay Song."

With hay in mind the peppers headed down to the barn to take care of the morning chores. All the groups worked together to make sure that they had food, water and a nice place to live before moving on to the next activity. Some groups even had extra time to visit with the animals after completing their chores.

Next, the campers dashed off to the garden where they harvested their last bit of produce. After harvesting as much as they could, the peppers kept working hard to get as much weeding and mulching done as possible.

Yesterday, the peppers were challenged to create a map of Bowers Farm. Today, they used what they know and remembered about the farm and buildings to complete the scavenger hunt! After solving all the clues, they were rewarded with a prize!

I bark, you scream, who doesn't love ice cream? For a fun Friday treat, the peppers made ice cream by had in Garden Kitchen. And we all know this tasty treat isn't complete without toppings! This is an activity and recipe that you and your pepper(s) will definitely want to try at home!

To cool off from the heat, the campers had a water balloon toss! After all, that's what fun Friday is all about!

Before wrapping up the day, our campers picked what they wanted to do for one of the activities. Some peppers spent extra time rehearsing for the farm show while others visited with the animals.

To wrap up the last day of camp, the peppers gathered in the pasture for a giant game of capture the flag!

After a week of fun and a summer of memories, the day came to an end. Our campers had so much fun meeting new people and learning about farming and agriculture. I can't wait to see everyone again next summer!

Until next time!

-Em, the Farm Dog

See more of your pepper(s) in action with this week's video below!

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