Outdoor Adventures Week 8 Day 4

Howdy, Em here! Boy, did our campers have en exciting day! Luckily, I was here to catch all the action!

Our green peppers helped kick off the day up at the flagpole. With both flags raised up high, they lead everyone through the pledges before the morning warm-up song. This morning, all the peppers were "going on a lion hunt" to get warmed up and ready for the day.

Who wouldn't be energized and ready to go after the "Lion Hunt" song? They carried that energy down to the lower barn and jumped into their daily chores. After doing chores all week, our peppers had this in the bag!

Our campers certainly are quite the harvesters! Can you believe they picked even more produce? It was great for us because we had recipes to make in Garden Kitchen. Some groups even harvested lettuce seeds that would be planted later while others continued working on spreading mulch. We're lucky that we had such hard workers!

Today was all about fun challenges! The peppers continued working together to figure out and memorize the correct path to take in order to complete the survival maze.

KAfter a busy morning, the campers headed inside to Garden Kitchen for a delicious snack. Since they harvested so much produce over the past few days, the pepper groups were able to make fresh tomato salsa that they enjoyed with tortilla chips. This recipe is super easy and a great go-to snack that you'll want to make with your pepper(s).

They also made zucchini fries for a second snack! These are a great alternative to regular fries that is just as delicious.

Once they were fueled up, it was back to work! All week our peppers have ventured around the farm and done different activities. The peppers were challenged to create a map of Bowers Farm. They should have asked me for help. I know this place like the back of my paw!

Today, our little scientists put their solar ovens to the test! With their solar ovens and supplies in hand, they headed outside to see if theirs could make some s'mores! Hard work sure does pay off, especially when you get a tasty treat!

What a busy day our campers had exploring around and enjoying lots of tasty treats! If today was this fantastic, I can't wait to see what's in store for Fun Friday!

I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. The Farm Show is tomorrow at 3:30. Be sure to arrive early for pick up so you don't miss any of the fantastic skits!

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