Outdoor Adventures Week 8 Day 2

Hi again, it's me, Em! It was another buzzing day here at camp! I was lucky and started my day with belly rubs and we know it doesn't get better than that!

Once all of our peppers arrived, we made our way up to the flagpole. This morning, the yellow peppers led us through the flag ceremony after raising both flags. To get everyone buzzing, group leader Tyler S. had everyone follow along to his warm up song.

With the flag ceremony complete, it was time to start the day. When doing their chores, the pepper groups made sure the animals had three important things: food, water and a nice place to live. Each group took on their chores and made sure the animals were well taken care of before moving on to other activities.

The peppers continued their hard work down in the garden. They were able to harvest lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and zucchini. Once the produce was harvested, the peppers continued spreading mulch along the paths.

Campers were buzzing with excitement when beekeepers Aliza and Todd came to visit! They taught the peppers about the six important things that bees make: honey, wax, propolis, pollen, venom and royal jelly. After learning about bees, the campers were able to observe wax frames (honeycomb) and honey being extracted before tasting some of their own!

After brainstorming different concepts for their solar ovens, the peppers grouped up to finalize their designs and began working their solar ovens. Each group received a recycled pizza box along with tin foil, black construction paper, plastic wrap and tape that they would have to assemble to create their oven.

Raise your paw if you love squash! The peppers were hard at work during Garden Kitchen where they made summer squash muffins! Who knew muffins with vegetables in them could be so delicious? You'll want to add this recipe to your cookbook for you and your pepper(s) to make!

They also utilized the fresh produce they gathered from the garden this morning to make a light and refreshing garden salad.

Since water plays such a vital role in our lives, our campers put on their thinking caps to learn more about it. Using a shower curtain, spray bottle and sponges, the peppers created their own watershed to learn more about rainwater, the impact of pollution and how to keep watersheds healthy.

The peppers were also challenged to create their own filtration system. After all, not all water is clean and safe to drink. Using coffee filters, cotton balls and other natural materials such as rocks, the peppers put their filter to the test to see how clean their water came out.

After a busy day, it sure felt good to come in and relax on the cool floor! It was fun to see all the activities our campers were up to and they had even more fun doing them!

I can't wait for tomorrow!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. Since our beekeepers visited today, we'll have fresh honey and beeswax candles for sale all week! Make sure to check it out and consider bringing some deliciousness home for your family!

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