Outdoor Adventures Week 8 Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome back for the final week of camp! Boy how time flies! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Em the Farm Dog! Aside from me, you won't find other dogs on the farm, I have a job to do! When I'm not working, you'll can find me roaming around, keeping an eye on all our campers!

The campers (who we like to call peppers) started their day down at the tents where they met their fellow peppers. With introductions out of the way, the peppers worked together to decorate their group flag.

Speaking of working together, the peppers gathered up to learn about C.A.R.E.S. before starting the day. C.A.R.E.S. stands for cooperation, attitude, respect, empathy and safety which are super important aspects here at camp. Campers who do a great job of modeling these to others are rewarded with a badge. Those who do an amazing job embracing C.A.R.E.S. all week will receive a Perfect Pepper award at the end of camp!

With C.A.R.E.S. in mind, our campers headed up to the flagpole. Each day, a pepper group works together to raise the American and 4-H Flag before saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. This morning, the red peppers led everyone through our flag ceremony.

We have a lot of animals here at the farm, and every morning the pepper groups work together to make sure they are taken care of. The red peppers did chores in the lower barn with the goats, sheep and bull calf while the orange peppers handled the horses, ponies and pot belly pigs. The yellow peppers fed the rabbits and the green peppers took care of the poultry barn.

After making sure that the peppers completed all their chores, I swung by the garden to see what they were up to. Lots of produce was ready to be harvested, including raspberries, beans, tomatoes, squash and our first watermelon! Once they finished picking their fair share of produce, the peppers helped with weeding and spreading mulch.

On my way back from the garden, I noticed the pepper groups venturing into the woods. This was the perfect place for the peppers to learn about bugs. They looked for different kinds of organisms, examined where they lived and thought about their relationship to wood.

After working hard all morning and hiking around, I sure was tired. I decided to head up to the main building for a little rest. Before walking inside, I saw some peppers getting creative under the tent with tie dye. How fun! I'm excited to see how all the shirts turn out!

Once I was all rested, I was back on the move. Earlier, the peppers learned about safety in Garden Kitchen, such as proper hand washing and tool handling. With that in mind, our little chefs put their minds and pallets to the test with a six-flavor taste test! After sampling a food, the peppers had to determine if it was sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter or umami (savory).

I also noticed some peppers in the back classroom and wondered what they were working on. For their STEM project, the peppers would make solar ovens. Today, they worked together to come up with designs for their oven before building them later this week. I'm interested to see how they work!

After a busy day, our campers got to relax on a wagon ride around the farm. Some campers even got to see a few animals out in the pasture!

Wow, what a great start to the week! Who else is excited to see what tomorrow brings?

See you soon!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. On Friday at 3:30 we will have a Farm Show. You'll want to arrive early to see you pepper(s) perform their group skit!

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