Outdoor Adventures Week 4 Day 5

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! Boy, between tracking animals, building shelters and making a fire, the peppers had a super fun week!

Once everyone arrived, I ducked outside to watch the flag ceremony. This morning, the green peppers worked alongside the campers from Teen vs. Wild to unfold and raise both our flags before we said our pledges. Afterwards, the advanced campers led everyone through their morning warm-up song.

With our flag ceremony and warm-up complete, it was time to start the day! Before jumping into all the fun activities we had planned, our campers made sure to get their chores taken care of.

After making sure all their chores were done, I headed down to the garden. Once mulch was spread, weeds were pulled and zucchini, cabbage and raspberries were harvested, Garden Leader David worked with the peppers to plant a tree! Wow, we sure had some busy peppers today!

On my way back up from the garden, I saw a few pepper groups head down to the woods. I decided to follow them to see what they were up to. When you're out in the wild, it's important that you know how to find food and water and make a shelter. Armed with just a tarp, each pepper group was tasked with finding supplies to make a shelter before constructing one of their own.

Back up at the tent, the peppers continued to cooperate with each other in order to complete a maze. With no clear-cut lines, campers had to work together to discover their group's unique pattern and remember the steps in order to reach the end.

I decided to take a quick break inside the building, but had to take a detour because I smelled something delicious! For a fun Friday treat, each pepper group made Rice Krispies! This is a classic snack and our campers loved it! If you have some Rice Krispies cereal at home, consider making these with your pepper(s).

After lunch, campers had a chance to visit with some of their favorite animals including the bunnies, ponies, chickens and the new chicks (baby turkeys).

Just outside the building the campers were having fun and keeping cool out in the summer sun! What better way to cool off than with a water balloon toss?

To wrap up the week, we had a super full game of capture the flag with all of our pepper groups out in the pasture!

Before I knew it, parents were arriving and campers were eager to perform their skits for everyone! It was great to see everything the different peppers learned this week.

I had an amazing week and I know our campers did as well! I hope to see everyone soon!

Until next time!

-Em, the Farm Dog

Make sure to check out this week's video to see your pepper(s) in action!

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