Outdoor Adventures Week 4 Day 4

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Compass reading, fire building and s'mores? Our campers were definitely busy with lot of outdoor adventures today!

With my early morning walk done, I headed back to the flag pole to watch the yellow peppers lead today's flag ceremony. Then I watched group leader Tyler O. help them get everyone warmed up with a song before heading off.

Down in the lower barn the yellow and green peppers were hard at work. They milked both Honey and Poppy, cleaned their pens and gave them fresh water and food for the day. The orange peppers fed the chickens while the blue peppers took care of the rabbits. All of our animals are lucky to have such hard working and dedicated campers!

It was another busy day in the garden. Our campers were such great workers that they finished all the mulch yesterday and moved on to weeding today. Boy, there was a lot to be done. But the campers did a great job and loved adding to the new weed compost pile.

It's always nice to relax after hard work and our campers did just that with their snack in Garden Kitchen. Using cabbage and carrots from the garden, they made coleslaw by hand! I'm sure your pepper(s) will love helping you make this at home, especially with a recipe that is super easy!

We couldn't have asked for better weather today! With lots of sun and heat, the campers put their solar ovens to the test! After gathering up their supplies, the pepper groups headed outside to make s'mores in their ovens. Delicious!

Out by the fire pit, campers were challenged with with a classic camping task: building a fire! The peppers gathered supplies to build a fire and learned why it's such an important part of human survival.

Another important part of human survival is knowing where you are and where you are going. After learning how to read a compass and find north, the peppers practiced their newly learned skills around the farm.

Later on, campers we're back on the move. While out on the farm, campers learned about invasive species, such as Buckthorn. However, some invasive species are actually good because it increases the amount of plant diversity.

I also noticed groups gathering around the ponds here at Bowers. Campers made observations about the water, plants and animals in and around the pond and learned about what makes a pond healthy.

The pepper groups continued working on their skit or song in preparation for the Farm Show. The show will start at 3:30 tomorrow and you'll want to arrive a few minutes early so you won't miss any of the performances!

And with that, we wrapped up the day! We have a ton of fun activities planned for tomorrow that you won't want to miss!

I'll catch up with you tomorrow!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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