Outdoor Adventures Week 4 Day 3

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It was another great day to be a camper! I was hard at work on the farm before our campers arrived and I couldn't wait to see what activities they were going to do.

I quickly jogged back up to the main building so that I didn't miss our morning tradition and song. Today, it was the orange pepper's turn to lead us through the flag ceremony. After completing the pledges, they helped get everyone warmed-up with the "Hippo Song!"

Even I was energized and ready to go after that song! I decided to check out the garden first and see what the peppers were up to. With the past few days being mostly about produce, the peppers focused on mulch and weeding today. Some campers continued to look for more raspberries because you can never have too many raspberries!

Afterwards, I headed to the poultry barn and saw the red peppers feeding and giving water to our chickens. As I looped around, I also stopped by to see the green and blue peppers hard at work. The green peppers took care of our rabbits and the blue peppers fed the pot belly pigs and ponies before cleaning up their pen.

Just like yesterday, I came up to check out what delicious recipe the campers were making in Garden Kitchen. With fresh raspberries, the peppers made raspberry brownies. Boy, did those sound good! I wish I could have had some, all I got was a carrot! This was definitely a huge hit with all the campers, so be sure to make this at home following the recipe below.

Before heading back outside, I went to check on the STEM projects. The campers continued building their solar ovens and decorating them in preparation for tomorrow since they will be using them to make s'mores. Delicious!

I decided to take a little break and walk around the woods. Down by the ropes course, our peppers were doing some team building activities. Slacklining, the human knot and balancing on the teeter totter required group effort and everyone embraced C.A.R.E.S while they were at it.

Remember how our peppers set bait or traps for animals and made solar stills? While down in the woods, campers trekked back out to where they set their trap or bait to see if anything happened. Other pepper groups went to check out their solar still to see how much water collected overnight.

The peppers continued working together when it came to brainstorming ideas for their skit and rehearsing for the show. On Friday at 3:30, each pepper group will perform a skit about what they learned at camp during the week. You won't want to miss it!

As I trotted past the gazebo, I saw campers were doing more water activities. Using a full cup of water and a paper towel, the campers waited to see if how long it would take for water to reach the other side because of capillary action. I bet if they left the cups overnight, we'd see a big difference tomorrow.

As I headed up toward the building I saw that our campers were using popsicle sticks, tinfoil and tape to design their own boat. They learned about the importance of design, buoyancy and water displacement when they tested to see if their boats would sail across the water.

After a busy and super fun day, I came inside to relax. I can't wait to see everyone again tomorrow for another jam-packed day at camp!

Until tomorrow!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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