Outdoor Adventures Week 4 Day 1

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another week of camp! My name is Em (short for Ember) and I'm the Farm Dog here at Bowers. You can find me roaming around the farm keeping an eye on everything and checking out all the activities our campers do.

Down at the tent, all of our campers (who we like to call peppers) gathered with their group for a Pepper Party where they worked together to decorate their flag and got to know each other.

After the Pepper Party, Camp Director Jordan discussed C.A.R.E.S. with all of the pepper groups, which stands for cooperation, attitude, respect, empathy and safety.

To wrap up our morning routine, I headed to the flagpole for the daily flag ceremony. With all of the pepper groups gathered, I watched as the blue peppers raised both the American and 4-H Flag before they led all the campers through the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.

Then, it was time to jump into the day's activities. The morning is always busy because of farm chores, so I was busy jogging around the farm making sure everything got done. Since there was so much to do, each pepper group was responsible for a different task. The green peppers were responsible for the poultry barn, the yellow peppers worked with the horses, ponies and pot belly pigs and the orange peppers took care of our rabbits. The red and blue peppers worked together in the lower barn where they fed the goats and sheep and milked the mother goats.

With chores complete I decided to take a little stroll down toward the garden to see what Garden Leader David had planned. Wow, there was definitely a lot to pick today! With the crops doing so well, the peppers were hard at work harvesting raspberries, zucchini, cucumbers, squash and arugula!

I decided to take a quick break and headed up to the main building. On my way back, I stopped and checked out the peppers tie dying their shirts. That sure sounds fun, and the colors looked great!

Once inside, I got to cool off and even popped my head in to Garden Kitchen. After learning about kitchen safety, the pepper groups learned about the six different flavor profiles. Each pepper was given a small sample of a food to try before deciding if it was sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter or umami (savory).

After a quick break, it was back to work! I decided to go on a hike around the farm just like our campers did. Out in the woods, the peppers saw different types of wood and decaying logs where they learned about different organisms and what their relationship is to wood.

At Bowers, we have a diverse animal population. Each animal is unique in their own way, like me! I have four paws, a bushy tail and one eye. Each pepper group hiked around the farm, where they learned about animal footprints and habitats. Some groups even learned about animals traps and built their own that they will check tomorrow.

Just like the diversity in the footprints we have on the farm, we also have diversity in our plants. By making seed balls, our campers learned why it's important to have different plants and crops. These can be planted in different areas to help certain areas gain more plant diversity.

Back at the tent, our campers were hard at work brainstorming ideas for their STEM project. They worked together to think of what materials they would need and came up with different ways to build their solar oven.

I also saw campers practicing cartography (map making) by creating a map of the farm or different locations such as the lower barn or the garden. They should have asked me for help! I know this farm like the back of my paw!

Wow, I sure had a busy day and our campers had a blast with all of the activities. After a long day of work, I decided it was time for me to relax!

I'll see everyone tomorrow for another fun day!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. There will be a Farm Show on Friday at 3:30 so be sure to arrive early so you can see your pepper(s) perform their skit!

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