Outdoor Adventures Week 4 Day 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Welcome back to day 2 of Outdoor Adventures! I decided to relax before jumping into the day's activities.

Once all of our campers arrived, I headed to the flag pole to join them for the flag ceremony to start the day. This morning, the red peppers worked together to raise the flags and group leader Micah led a warm-up song to get everyone ready for the day ahead!

With the flag ceremony complete, it was back to work. Before heading to the garden, I stopped to check out the barns and see how our campers were doing with their chores. Out in the poultry barn, the blue peppers finished their work early and everything looked great, so they got to hold some of the chickens. The red and orange peppers tackled the lower barn where they milked both Poppy and Honey. The yellow peppers even stepped in to help feed the buck (male goat) and the ram (male sheep) after finishing their rabbit chores.

After seeing that everything went smoothly with the animal chores, I jogged down to the garden to see what our campers were up to today. Since the peppers harvested so much produce, it was time to get to work on the mulch. Once enough mulch was spread, David helped the peppers locate and pick additional produce.

When something good was cooking, I came looking! This morning the peppers worked with Garden Kitchen Leader Ashley to make delicious zucchini pizza bites! This is a super easy recipe you and your pepper(s) can make at home using the recipe below. I wish I could have enjoyed some of this yummy snack. I sneaked in the room afterwards hoping to find some leftovers!

Just outside the building, campers were having fun with water! Using a shower curtain and a spray bottle, the peppers made their own watershed and learned about rainwater, pollution and how to keep a watershed healthy.

Once I was done with my quick break, I ventured out to see what the peppers were up to. They went on another hike! During their hike, campers learned about edible plants. Sometimes they are considered to be weeds, but they can actually be used for food.

On my way back from the foraging hike, I noticed some peppers down at the tent. Since soil is full of water, we can actually make a solar still to collect that water. Each pepper group made their own that will collect water overnight.

But, not all water is clean and safe to drink. Using different materials such as coffee filters, cotton balls and grass, the peppers worked together to make their own filter to try and turn dirty or colored water clear.

While out by the gazebo, I saw peppers dash by me. I decided to follow them and see what they were up to. Using a map of the farm, each pepper group listened to the clues to find different puzzle pieces. Next time they should let me hide all the clues or pieces!

Back inside, I stopped by to see how the STEM projects were coming along. With ideas in mind for their solar oven, the peppers began decorating and constructing their oven using pizza boxes.

Campers also made another dish in Garden Kitchen. Since we had so much produce, the peppers made a refreshing raspberry salad. Both recipes were huge hits with the peppers so be sure to check this one out as well!

Our campers had another amazing day at camp full of smiles, knowledge and delicious food. Who else is excited to see what tomorrow brings?

See you soon!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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