Little Sprouts Week 1 Day 3

It was our last day of Little Sprouts camp today. Our wonderful campers filled our final day with so much joy, energy, and exploration!

We started off our last day by making an awesome craft and helping make a special snack!

Our campers created post cards using paint, but instead of paintbrushes, we used vegetables! We had just finished discussing what kinds of foods grow in the garden and whether they grow above or below ground. We got to put our knowledge to some fun use while creating our masterpieces! Each camper creating something unique using the vegetables - it was amazing to see!

For our morning snack, we made cheese! It was so much fun to make and to watch the campers learn about where our cheese comes from! We carefully poured milk and curdled it to make the ricotta cheese and then carefully added seasoning! It was such a fun process!

Once the cheese was ready, we sat down to eat our cheese with some corn chips! It was a huge success - even the campers who were hesitant to try had a bite because they took part in making it. They were so proud of themselves, and the counselors were so proud too!

After our snack, we took a hike out towards the garden, collecting all sorts of roots and shoots. We collected plants with big roots and little roots - it gave us a chance to talk about how our plants grow using the roots to collect water. Our observant campers noticed that some plants had lots of little roots spreading out so they could collect more water and some had fewer, larger roots!

All that hiking made us thirsty and hungry! We collected our lunchboxes and headed out on the wagon to our shady picnic spot. We enjoyed a yummy lunch full of so many things from the garden. We also got to play around outside a little bit once we were done eating!

We took the wagon back to the classroom for a super special surprise animal visit before our end of the day snack! Two of our baby bunnies came up to the classroom to play. It was so much fun to watch them hop around and cuddle with them!

Little Sprouts really tired out our bunnies, so we said goodbye and headed outside to a nice shady spot in the garden where we enjoyed an end of the day popsicle treat! Yum!

Once all our popsicles were gone, it was time to say goodbye to our amazing campers! We had such a fun week!

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