Little Sprouts Week 1 - Day 3

For the final day of camp, we had so much to explore!

After having some time to play, color, and relax in the morning, we read a story about sunflowers before heading out to the gardens to see our own sunflowers growing on the farm and measure how tall they are!

Then we came back inside to eat our morning snack. We had rice cakes with sun butter, banana, blueberries, apples, and cheerios that the campers decorated to look like owls. They were adorable and delicious!

We then got ready for our next activity where we created our own sunflower life cycle with a fresh sunflower seed!

It was then time to head out on the final wagon ride to a picnic lunch. While out there, the campers ate lunch, ran around, and collected wildflowers!

Once we came back to the classroom, the students packed up their veggie stamped postcards and seed balls to take home. We even took the extra seed balls outside to throw into the field at the farm so wildflowers will grow!

It was time to say goodbye to our animals. Our little sprouts took a nice walk around the farm to say goodbye to all of our animals. We even got the chance to stop so our campers could take a ride on the saddles!

Before saying our final goodbyes to our campers, we had a refreshing popsicle snack!

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