Little Sprouts Week 1 - Day 2

Day two of Little Sprouts was filled with art activities and all sorts of garden fun!

We started off our day by visiting the farm stand where all the food grown in the garden gets sold to eat! Some of the veggies that our own campers pick gets put in the farm stand for parents and community members to purchase.

Our campers made beautiful farm stand bags today to put at the farm stand to carry all the delicious and fresh food! We used paint and actual vegetables to stamp onto the bags! Our campers also got to do the same stamping on postcards to take home!

After a rainbow snack of all colored fruits, it was time for our next activity. We made seed balls! We put cat litter, dirt, water, and wildflower seeds into a bowl to mix around. Once it became wet enough, we rolled them into balls. They dry and become too hard for birds to peck through which helps the wildflower seeds be able to grow in the ground.

Making seed balls was a mess! We cleaned up and got ready for lunch. We ate under the tent before going on our wagon ride. We rode around to the pumpkin patch where we read a story about pumpkins before exploring the patch to see how big the pumpkins are getting!

After seeing all the pumpkins, we headed back to the classroom to play and eat a fun pumpkin snack with pumpkin, cool whip, cinnamon, and crackers. We also played a farm animal game to learn more about the animals on the farm versus zoo animals and the types of food they eat.

It was then pick-up time and our campers had to go home for the night before coming back for the final day of camp.

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