Little Sprouts Week 1 Day 1

The first day of our Little Sprouts camp was a HUGE success! We got to learn so many amazing things about the plants growing on the farm. We also tried LOTS of new things!

We started our day off by painting some plant pots to use later in the day. We were so creative and colorful when painting, but we made sure to be careful with the paint!

Once all the pots were painted and were set off to dry, we headed on out to the barn to see the animals. While walking, we made sure to notice all the plants around us, picking plants that the animals eat to make a farm animal food collection! We saw the potbelly pigs, the ponies (who were too busy drinking water to come say hello), and the chickens and turkeys. Some of us got the chance to walk inside the chicken coop to meet our chickens up close and talk about the food they eat - we collected some of the CORN they eat to add it to our collection.

Continuing on our exploration, we walked past our bunnies, saying hello to Clover (one of our rabbits). We picked a little bit of grass to feed her before heading into the hay loft. Inside the loft, we discussed what animals eat hay and where it comes from - we learned it comes from tall grass! Then, we sat in a circle on the hay bales to meet a very special friend. On the farm, we have three baby bunnies. Our campers were super lucky that one of the baby bunnies came out to say hello! We got to pet our baby and watch her hop around inside the circle. It was such a special surprise!

It was then time to go into the lower barn to see our goats, sheep, and a calf (baby cow). We got to go inside their pens to say hello. We also had a chance to discuss the food they eat and collect some of it to add to our basket. They eat corn, grains, and hay. There is also a baby goat on the farm which some of us got to try feeding milk! He wasn't very hungry, but it was exciting to learn about the different foods our animals eat and where it all comes from!

Outside the lower barn, there is a TALL sunflower plant that we got to stop and see. We discussed how the sunflower started as a tiny seed before sprouting and growing really tall. Once we were back inside the classroom, we talked more about our sunflower, creating a sunflower life cycle using real sunflower seeds and crayons to learn how they grow and make more seeds. To grow, all plants need sun, water, and soil!

When we finished our sunflower lifecycle, we got to help make a super special snack! We made ZOODLES and SQUOODLES! We took fresh zucchini and squash and made them into long noodles, making them super fun to eat! Our campers enjoyed the snack so much, they gave it two thumbs up and kept asking for more - even though some were nervous to try it at first!

Once we were full from our snack, we stopped by the book nook to read a special story about a pumpkin patch, learning how the pumpkins grow from seeds! It was helpful to read our story because we got to go to the pumpkin patch after to see the pumpkins grow in real life!

We hopped on our wagon, taking our lunch with us, and stopped in a shady spot to enjoy a picnic! We made sure to get nice and full, getting back some energy so we were ready to tackle the rest of the day. After our picnic, we stopped at the pumpkin patch to see all the pumpkins starting to grow. We didn't see any orange ones yet, but there were a lot of little green ones sprouting!

It was almost time to go home so we got back on the wagon and went back into the classroom, grabbing out painted pots from earlier in the day. Then, we got to go to the greenhouse where all our baby plants start before moving to the big garden. While we were there, we got to plant our very own sunflower in the pots we painted! When we take them home, they will start to sprout and grow into sunflowers!

All of this fun brought us to the end of day one! We simply cannot wait for another day with our Little Sprout campers!

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