Little Sprouts Week 1 - Day 1

For the last week of camp, we put our campers straight to work so we could have time to complete all of the fun activities available on the farm!

As our campers arrived, they decorated pots to plant seeds later on in the day!

We then headed for the garden before it got too hot outside. In the garden, we were able to talk about how plants grow – starting off as seeds and becoming fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. There were so many veggies that were ready to be picked in the garden! We picked kale and zucchini/squash. We also picked some herbs to smell, like lavender and thyme.

After being out in the heat picking veggies, we headed inside for a snack and some water before our next activity. The farm animals were all waiting to say hello to our happy campers. We met the goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, llama, and ponies. We talked about the food they eat and where it comes from. We also got a chance to milk one of our mother goats. There were even eggs in the chicken coop that we were able to collect.

Then it was time to wash up for lunch. We cleaned up and grabbed our lunches before climbing onto the wagon for a ride out to a shady picnic spot.

Once we had gained back some energy, we learned some more about seeds. Our campers were each given a duct tape bracelet with the sticky part on the outside so they could collect seeds, flowers, and other cool nature finds onto a discovery bracelet.

It was time to head back to the farm classroom and into the greenhouse where we planted our seeds into the pots from the morning. Our campers each planted a bean seed that will start to sprout and grow. The pots can even be planted straight into the ground to decompose and help bring nutrients to the plant!

Once the beans were planted, it was time to wish our campers goodbye before heading home until the next day.

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