Life on the Farm Week 6 Day 5

Happy Friday! Our peppers had another farm-tastic day here at camp! What better way to end the week than with a day full of fun activities?

The red peppers helped us kick off the morning by leading the flag ceremony and our pledges. Afterwards, all the pepper groups joined in to sing "Baby Sheep" a remix of the camper favorite, "Baby Shark!"

Before jumping into the activities, our peppers were hard at work! The pepper groups all worked together to tackle their chores and made sure that all the animals were taken care of.

There was a lot to do down in the garden. The peppers jumped right in and helped David with a bunch of different chores. From weeding to mulch to watering plants or picking produce, everyone did an amazing job!

On Monday, our campers used fresh cucumbers, onions and dill from the garden to make pickles. After letting it marinate throughout the week, the peppers used their pickles to make relish! You can your pepper(s) can make pickles or relish at home to enjoy individually or as part of a dish!

Today, the peppers put their recipe to the test! Before this afternoon, the pepper groups finished making their dishes and added their final touches. Later on, the peppers enjoyed their own recipe as well as the ones from the other groups. I still can't believe I didn't get any, they looked delicious!

Our campers worked hard in the morning so they got to play hard in the afternoon. Each group got to choose an activity that they wanted to do before the week was over. What did they decide on? Spending more time with the animals!

There isn't a better way to beat the summer heat than with fun water activities! The pepper groups got together and challenged each other to a sponge relay where they raced to see who could fill their bowl first!

We splashed into our final activity out in the fields: a giant game of capture the flag, but with a twist! Instead of capturing the other team's flag, the pepper groups tried to steal as much water as possible from the other team!

Wow, what an awesome week at camp! Our peppers made lots of friends and tons of memories. I hope to see you all again soon!

Until next time!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. Check out this week's video below to see all of our campers in action!

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