Life on the Farm Week 6 Day 4

Hello! It sure was a terrific Thursday here at camp! I couldn't wait to see what our peppers were up to today and hurried back up to the building after my morning run around the farm.

After morning announcements down at the tent, the pepper groups headed up to the flagpole for the flag ceremony. This morning our green peppers led us through the pledges and "The Hippo Song" after they raised the flags.

Just like every morning, we started the day with chores. The campers worked hard to make sure that all the animals had three important things: food, water and a nice place to live. With the animals well taken care of, the campers jetted off to their next activity.

It was another busy day down in the garden, but our campers loved keeping busy! After harvesting produce, the peppers moved on to mulching and weeding while others helped David with fertilizer.

After making sure all the animals were taken care of this morning, the peppers were able to hang out with our bunnies. They loved visiting with them, especially when they all gathered in a circle and got to pet or even hold them!

What makes a flower a flower? Today, the campers learned what makes flowers different from other plants and why they are beneficial. Afterwards, the peppers collected and observed the different flowers they found.

From crops to trees to flowers, we sure have a lot of different plants here on the farm! The peppers learned about the importance of diversity and each made their own seed ball. Once these harden, the peppers can place them in different locations to increase plant diversity.

With ingredients in hand, the pepper groups continued to prep, test and modify their recipe for the Farmers Market tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to see the finished products and maybe even try some myself!

Boy, this afternoon was all about food! After checking out the yummy recipes the campers were working on for the Farmers Market, I popped on over to Garden Kitchen. They were making carrot apple muffins! They smelled delicious and tasted even better!

Using fresh produce from our garden, the peppers also prepared a leafy green salad with homemade dressing!

Wow, tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means. A day full of fun activities that you won't want to miss! Raise your paw if you're as excited as I am!

I'll see you all tomorrow morning!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. Since tomorrow is Friday, make sure to have your pepper(s) wear their tie dye shirt(s). Also, make sure you arrive early for the Farmers Market at 3:30 so you can see all the recipes the pepper groups prepared.

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