Life on the Farm Week 6 Day 3

What another great day to be a camper! I was so excited for today that I waited for the campers to arrive and the day to start!

Our yellow peppers helped kick off the morning by leading the flag ceremony. After the flags were raised and pledges were said, group leader Tyler O. worked with the peppers to get everyone energized with a super fun warm-up song!

Down in the garden, the peppers were busy at work! In preparation for Garden Kitchen, the peppers harvested fresh basil and mint before moving on to mulching and picking more produce such as radishes, tomatoes, peppers and kale.

I checked out the barns as I walked back to the main building and saw our peppers hard at work. In the poultry barn, the orange peppers were collecting the chicken eggs and feeding them while the yellow peppers took care of the goats, sheep and calf in the lower barn. The green peppers worked together to clean the pony pen and gave them fresh hay and the red peppers made sure our rabbits and bunnies were taken care of.

Today was all about chickens! For the past few weeks, we've been incubating chicken eggs. The peppers learned about egg science and the different parts of an egg as well as the chicken life cycle. One group even had an egg with a double yolk!

I walked downstairs and popped my head into Garden Kitchen to see what was cooking. The peppers used fresh basil and mint to make pesto that they paired with zucchini noodles! They had a great time using the spiralizer to make the zoodles. This is a fun recipe that you and your pepper(s) can make at home!

Back outside, I stopped by the historic Craig Log Cabin. Inside, the campers learned about the log cabin and how people lived back then. Afterwards, they worked together to make butter by hand before enjoying a tasty treat!

After collecting eggs this morning and learning about the chicken life cycle, each pepper group got to hang out with some of our chickens! They were able to observe their behavior and see what kinds of food they like.

The peppers continued to work on their recipe for the Farmers Market on Friday. I decided to pop down to the garden and see what kinds of produce the groups were using. With ingredients in hand, the peppers headed back up to the building and began testing their recipe.

What an exciting day! Our campers learned a lot and I'm excited to see what else they'll learn tomorrow!

Until then!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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