Life on the Farm Week 6 Day 2

Hi again, it's me Em! Boy, did our campers have another great day at camp! I wish you could have been here for all the fun!

With all the peppers checked in, we were off to the flagpole! Our orange peppers led us through the flag ceremony, daily pledges and warm up song before jumping into the activities for the day.

I strolled down the hills and headed for the barns to check on the animals. The peppers beat me to it and were hard at work! The red peppers took care of the poultry barn while the orange peppers milked both goats and fed our kid (baby goat) and the calf (young cow). The yellow peppers made sure that the pot belly pigs were fed and the green peppers fed the ram (male sheep) and the buck (male goat) before checking in on our rabbits and bunnies.

Our campers had another busy day with the garden. Between visiting the green house and planting seeds to pulling weeds, mulching or picking different crops, our peppers sure were busy!

I headed straight up to the building when I smelled something delicious cooking. The peppers prepared roasted baby potatoes and even paired it with homemade ketchup! Yum! This would be perfect with a nice steak for dinner!

The pepper groups continued to work on their advertisements and even made them into giant posters for their Farmers Market recipe. It was great to see all the different peppers add their own bit of creativity to the posters or recipe!

Rain or shine, we always have fun! Outside, the peppers were on the hunt for bugs! They learned about the different kinds of bugs that live here, what they do and their habitats. From spiders to grasshoppers, our peppers were great at finding and collecting all kinds of bugs!

Campers got to put on their scientist hats today when they learned about wool, where it comes from and how it is used in everyday products. Afterwards, they were able to cart (brush), felt (matted or condensed tightly together) or spin their piece of wool.

To round out the day, the campers were challenged to a scavenger hunt around the farm! Working together, they solved found clues and solved different puzzles that led to a prize at the end.

After the scavenger hunt, I headed up to the building for a little treat of my own! Our campers had a busy day at camp, but had a blast doing all the activities!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. The Farmers Market will take place on Friday at 3:30, so make sure to arrive early for pick-up to see what your pepper(s) made!

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