Life on the Farm Week 2 Day 4

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Em the Farm Dog, here! Back again on this lovely Thursday! Boy, did our campers have another awesome day out on the farm. I wish you could have been here to see all the activities first hand!

We started our morning with our flag ceremony, led today by the green peppers and group leader Adrian led all the campers through a warm-up song before starting our activities!

After our morning tradition, campers were eager to jump back into the daily activities. From cleaning the lower barn and milking goats, to feeding the horses, ponies and potbelly pigs to giving fresh food and water to our rabbits, all of the pepper groups worked together to get the chores done in a timely manner.

Our campers love working out in the garden, especially when they get to harvest produce. Today, peppers got to pick potatoes, raspberries, radishes and beets. Some groups were able to help David by planting fresh basil or replanting more tomatoes. Campers also continued to weed either by hand or using different tools. Gardener David is really glad to have such hard workers who help in the garden and keep it looking beautiful!

After working out in the sun in the garden, campers got to cool off with a tasty and refreshing morning treat. Garden Kitchen Leader Ashley helped each pepper group make delicious slushie watermelon lemonade. After all, nothing beats the heat quite like a refreshing drink!

With recipes ready to go and ingredients in hand, it was time for our pepper groups to test our their Farmers Market dish! Between guacamole, smoothies, lemonade and ice cream, these recipes are sure to be winners! Make sure to check out the Farmers Market tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. here at the farm!

Campers learned more about seeds and the importance of plant diversity on the farm and in our everyday lives. Campers then used clay and a small cluster of seeds to make seed balls. After the seed balls harden, campers can plant them in different places either around the farm or at home to increase the plant diversity in that area once the clay decomposes.

While our campers spend a lot of time out in the garden everyday and learn about different plants and weeds, we decided to focus on flowers today. In order to learn more about flowers, campers explored the grounds to collect and compare different flowers. They used the wild flowers to make flower bracelets! What a great idea!

The peppers got to spend more time with our animals later in the afternoon during the goat wash activity. Each pepper group had a different goat that the campers worked together to wash. Washing goats helps keep them healthy and get rid of any bugs, grass or hay that may be on them or in their hair.

With another sunny day ahead, our campers are sure to have an awesome Friday! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and to see the delicious recipes at the Farmers Market tomorrow! I hope to see everyone there tomorrow at 3:30!

All the best!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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