Life on the Farm Week 2 Day 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello everyone! It was another great day at camp for all of our peppers! This morning, our orange peppers led us through our flag ceremony and group leader Tyler helped energize everyone with a fun warm-up song.

With our flag ceremony complete, it was back to work, starting with morning chores. Our campers are great helpers and were already starting to get a hang of their farm chores.

The pepper groups also had fun in the garden where they helped David, the gardener. Between replanting tomatoes, harvesting radishes, weeding and mulching, our peppers were busy but did a great job. Some pepper groups also searched for caterpillars (which can be bad for our crops since they love the yummy food too) and collected worms for our worm bins.

I peaked my head into Garden Kitchen to see what was cooking. Campers worked together to make raspberry jam using the fresh raspberries they picked yesterday and also made fresh bread by hand. With a bunch of different ingredients and steps, the peppers really embodied cooperation during their time in the kitchen, which helped their recipe turn out great. You and your pepper(s) can make fresh jam at home using the recipe card below, maybe even bring a little sample for me!

Campers continued preparing for the Farmers Market on Friday by finalizing their recipe. Pepper groups came up with different ways to market their recipe and began making the advertisements.

Our campers also continued learning more about the animals and bugs that live here on the farm. Sheep serve a few different purposes, such as providing wool or as a source of food (meat). When learning about wool, campers were able to cure (brush), felt (tightly press together) and even spin the wool.

Back outside, the pepper groups learned about bugs and some of the bugs that they see all the time on the farm. Afterwards, each group went on a fun hike to find different bugs that they put into their bug box.

Another fun activity campers participated in was a scavenger hunt! Each pepper leader hid cups with clues around the farm that led to a prize! I wish I could have played, I know my way around the farm like it's the back of my paw!

After a long day of fun out in the sun, I came inside to relax! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for another jam-packed and exciting day!

See you soon!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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