Life on the Farm Week 2 Day 1

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello Campers! I'm so excited that today was the second week of camp! My name is Em (short for Ember) and I'm the Farm Dog! You can find me hard at work running around the farm or cooling off from the summer sun in the main building.

To kick-off the day, all of our campers met with their pepper groups (we like to call each camper a pepper) for a Pepper Party. They were able to meet all of their fellow campers and their group leader while decorating a group flag for their wagon.

Once each pepper group completed their flag, Camp Director Jordan gave all of us an introduction to C.A.R.E.S which stands for cooperation, attitude, respect, empathy and safety. These are all super important aspects when at camp and when a camper did a great job of doing so, they were rewarded with a badge.

And with that, it was officially time to start the day! We start every day with a flag ceremony where we raise both the American and 4-H Flag before saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4- H Pledge. This morning, our red peppers (who are the oldest) helped raise the flag and lead all the campers. After our morning tradition was complete, it was time to start the day's activities!

When you have a "Life on the Farm", it's important to take care of your animals. Every morning, each pepper group participates in farm chores where they help care for the animals, feed and give them water and make sure the barns are clean.

Out in the garden, campers helped Garden Leader David with some mulching and harvesting. Each pepper group got to pick fresh raspberries that they will use for a recipe tomorrow.

Campers also had fun with Garden Kitchen Leader Ashley. They learned about best kitchen practices and safety before jumping into a six flavor taste test. Campers got to sample different foods and had to decide which was sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and umami (savory).

During the STEM activity time, each pepper group came up with ideas for what they would want to make and sell at the farmers market using farm fresh ingredients. Some of the ideas pepper groups came up with included lemonade, marinara sauce, salads and sorbet. Now that sounds delicious!

We also taught our campers the importance of soil. Soil is made up of many things, including living organisms. Our campers also learned why time is important in the formation of soil and why different places have different types of soil. Afterwards, campers explored what goes into soil by making some of their own.

When you go to camp, tie dying shirts is always a fun activity! Our campers each got to style and tie dye their own shirt that they will wear on Friday. It was great to see all the colors and different designs.

Our campers were able to unwind with a wagon ride around the farm. They were got to see some of the animals that roam out in pasture including horses, sheep and cows!

Wow, we sure had a lot to do today, but our campers had a great time! I'm so excited to see everyone tomorrow!

Until tomorrow!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. Just as a reminder, there will be a Farmers Market on Friday at 3:30. Each pepper group will have different farm fresh recipe available for sale! We hope to see everyone there!

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