Know and Grow Your Food week 2 day 4

Hi everybody! Welcome back for day four of Know and Grow Your Food camp! The red peppers raised the flag this morning, as well as lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4H Pledge. Then Ms. Jenna taught campers a fun song called "On the Farm, I Have Found."

Next, the yellow peppers went to the poultry barn to take care of the chickens, quails, and turkeys. The peppers swept the barn, replaced the poultry's food and water, and gave the quails fresh shavings. They also had time to hang out with the chickens and learn how to pick them up!

In Garden Kitchen, campers made carrot apple bread. It smelled so good and tasted even better! Follow the recipe below to make this at home.

Campers got to take an animal of their choosing on a hike today. The red peppers took Cinnamon the llama, while the orange peppers took Taffy the pony. They watched the animal's behavior and noticed what they liked to eat along the way.

During STEM, campers put their nests and ovens to the test. The ovens worked so well and made some tasty s'mores! Some nests even survived the drop as well. Campers also discussed how they would improve their nests for next time.

In the garden, the peppers harvested more produce for the farm stand including carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes. They found some super ripe fruits and veggies that will be so delicious!

Today was a special day because the Bowers's beekeepers came to visit! Campers held male bees, as they don't sting. They also learned how to harvest honey and gave it a spin! Lastly, the peppers sampled Bowers's and buckwheat honey.

During Flower Discovery, campers learned about the different parts of a flower. They also made discovery bracelets and flower crowns with the wildflowers, which turned out so beautiful!

That's a wrap on day four of Know and Grow Your Food camp. Don't forget to wear your tie-dye shirt tomorrow and arrive at 3:30 for the farm show. See you there!

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