Know and Grow Your Food Week 2 Day 2

Greetings everyone! Welcome back for another day of Know and Grow Your Food Camp! The peppers started the morning with the flag ceremony and the "Baby Shark" song. Next, they headed to the barns to do animal chores.

The orange peppers cared for the goats, sheep, and llama in the lower barn. They replaced their water and food and milked the goats. The peppers also cleaned the animals' pen!

Out in the garden, the peppers harvested tomatoes, and green beans. They found so many golden tomatoes! These, along with other produce, will be for sale at the farm stand on Friday.

The green peppers helped out all over the farm today! First, they refilled the hay in the horse barn. Next, they found sticks to add to the turkeys' home. This will give them something to play on as they grow bigger. After all their hard work, they got to visit with Clover the rabbit!

The peppers learned what chickens prefer to eat by placing them in different environments and watching their behavior. They noticed that the chickens ate bugs, worms, and leaves.

In Garden Kitchen, campers made fresh salsa and granola bars. The salsa was the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Follow the recipe card below to make both of these at home!

There are many spots on the farm that don't have flowers. Campers made seed bombs with clay and seeds to throw in these areas. Soon we will have flowers everywhere thanks to these awesome creations!

Bugs are all around us! Campers went out looking for the coolest bugs they could find. Then they observed them up close! The peppers found everything from moths to grasshoppers to dragonflies.

Campers continued working on their ovens today. They are looking great and many are almost finished. We can't wait to enjoy some s'mores when these are done!

The orange peppers decided to take advantage of all the wildflowers and make flower crowns and bracelets. The used duct tape to stick flowers to their bracelets and tied together the stems of flowers to make crowns. They looked so beautiful!

Thanks for joining us for day two of Know and Grow Your Food. Today was such a fun day and we can't wait to see what else the rest of the week has in store. See you right back here tomorrow!

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