Know and Grow Your Food Week 1 Day 4

Greetings campers and parents, and welcome back for the fourth day of Know and Grow Your Food Camp! It was time to get to work bright and early this morning. The orange peppers headed to the garden to do some weeding.

Meanwhile, the green peppers did chores in the lower barn. They made sure all the animals were fed and had fresh water. The peppers also milked the goats and cleaned their pen. Even the goats wanted a piece of the action!

After all that work, a green smoothie was the perfect way to cool off. In Garden Kitchen campers made smoothies, carrot apple bread, and pickles. For these recipes, check the card below!

Out in the horse barn, the red peppers fed the pigs and ponies! They also groomed Patches and made sure she was nice and clean.

The orange peppers visited the rabbit during Farm Contribution. They also helped to clear cobwebs from the lower barn. What an awesome way to contribute to the farm!

The peppers put their nests to the test today. They did an egg drop to see how sturdy they really were. Campers did an awesome job, so many survived the fall!

Today campers learned all about the different parts of a flower. They examined them up close and drew what they saw. Some peppers also made Discovery Bracelets by sticking wildflowers to a duck tape bracelet!

There are many spots in the wildflower field that don't have flowers. Campers made a seed bomb with clay and seeds that will be thrown in these space areas. Soon we will have a full field of flowers thanks to these awesome creations!

Campers took goats and ponies on a hike today! The yellow peppers took a goat around the farm and to the wildflower field. They observed what she ate and her different features.

A wagon ride was the perfect way to end the day! Can't wait to see you all back here tomorrow for the fifth and final day of camp.

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