Know and Grow Your Food Camp Week 1 Day 5

Howdy everyone and welcome back for the last day of Know and Grow Your Food Camp! This morning at the flag ceremony, peppers learned the Bowers Bog song. This is a camp favorite and started the day off on a great note!

In the lower barn, the red peppers worked on cleaning the pens, feeding the animals, and milking the goats. Meanwhile, the green peppers cared for the poultry by giving them fresh food and water!

Today in the garden the peppers fertilized the plants. They also picked kale to be used in the kale brownies!

Campers learned that ladybugs eat aphids, harmful insects that harm our vegetables. They released ladybugs into the garden so that our plants will be able to grow big and strong!

The yellow peppers got to cool off during today's farm contribution. They scrubbed the Kubota and Gator, making sure they were squeaky clean!

Garden Kitchen was delicious today! Campers made kale brownies using the kale from the garden. This recipe, along with the spinach pancake recipe from Tuesday, is listed below.

The peppers had some fun with water balloons today! They did a water balloon toss, hot-potato, and capture the flag. It also was the perfect chance to cool off!

It was time to put the ovens to the test. The peppers put s'mores ingredients in their solar ovens and left them in the sun. By the time they came back, many had a perfectly cooked s'more!

Thanks for joining us for such an awesome week! We had so much fun and are so happy you all came. Can't wait to see you next time!

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