Know and Grow Your Food Camp Week 1 Day 3

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Know and Grow Your Food Camp! Campers started the day with the flag ceremony. Such a beautiful morning called for the Good Morning song led by Ms. Michelle!

Afterward, the peppers headed to the barns to do animal chores. The yellow peppers took care of the lower barn animals, making sure they had fresh food and water. They also milked each of the goats and cleaned their pen!

Out in the horse barn, the green peppers fed Happy and Barney the pigs. They also groomed ponies Patches, Dozer, and Taffy, and cleaned out their pen.

The red peppers were a major help during Farm Contribution. They refilled the cracked corn and egg crumble in the poultry barn. They also got to visit with the rabbit!

Out in the garden, campers picked Swiss chard, bok choy, basil, and zucchini. Some of these ingredients will be used for upcoming Garden Kitchen recipes. They also washed and tasted some of these veggies!

Today is all about chickens! The peppers learned what ingredients are in chicken feed and got to make some of their own by grinding the corn, rye, peas, oats, and soy. They will be feeding this to the chickens later during Chicken Hangout.

Campers got a chance to hang out with the chickens today. They learned how to properly catch and hold them. The peppers also took the chickens to the hayloft to get a closer look at their behavior and discuss some of their key features.

Campers discussed the different parts of an egg. They got to see this up close during the Egg Science activity. The peppers also checked up on the eggs that have been incubating since Dairy Discovery camp. We will have chicks in two weeks!

For today's stem project, the peppers made a nest using gathered materials and clay. These nests will be put to the test during an egg drop on Friday.

In Garden Kitchen, campers made zucchini noodles with zucchini from the garden! They also made fresh pesto to go alongside it. To make this recipe at home, follow the recipe card below!

Thanks for stopping by for Know and Grow Your Camp day three! There's much more to come so be sure to check back tomorrow. Until then, to-da-loo!

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