Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Week 2 Day 4

Good afternoon parents and peppers! We're so glad to have you back for another day of farm camp! The morning began with the flag ceremony. Campers also learned a new song called "On the Farm, I Have Found", led by Ms. Jenna.

Next, it was time to head to the barns. The yellow peppers cared for the goats, sheep, and llama in the lower barn. They replaced their food and water, as well as cleaned the goats' pen. Campers also milked the goats and learned how to pasteurize it!

Campers harvested dill, raspberries, and beans out in the garden. Campers got to snack on some of the tasty berries as well.

The red peppers spent time with Clover the rabbit today. They brought some grass into the hayloft for her to eat. Campers also discussed her different features including her long ears and large eyes.

Today the peppers sheared the sheep's wool. They also learned why we must remove their wool, especially in the summer. Everyone got a chance to use the shears and kept the wool they removed for another activity!

Campers cleaned and dyed their wool. They also carded it to remove any leftover dirt. Lastly, they rolled the wool into a bracelet or ball that they can keep!

In Garden Kitchen, campers made noodles and tomato sauce to go on top! It smelled amazing and tasted even better. To make this perfect pair at home, follow the recipe card below!

The peppers did an experiment to see which senses chickens use to select their food. They used colored balls to test sight, buried treats to test smell, and placed treats with other food to test taste. Campers concluded that chickens likely use sight when deciding what to eat!

Today, campers made model lungs using pop bottles, balloons, and straws. They discussed how lungs work, and how the negative space and pressure causes them to inflate.

Thanks for stopping by for another day of Farm Camp. We had such a great time, and we can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Don't forget to arrive at 3:30 p.m. for the farm show!

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