Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Week 2 Day 3

Greetings campers and parents and welcome back for the third day of Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks! After a fun pepper party and the daily flag ceremony, it was time to get to work with animal chores.

The yellow peppers cared for the chickens, quails, and turkeys. They replaced their food and water, swept the poultry barn, and replaced the quails' shavings. Campers also learned how to properly handle chickens.

Meanwhile, the red peppers fed pigs Happy and Barney. They even got Happy to kick around his soccer ball! Campers also cleaned the pony pen and groomed Taffy and Patches.

Next, it was time for the garden! The peppers harvested golden tomatoes and helped weed and move mulch.

Campers checked on the bacteria swabs that have been in the incubator since Monday. They noticed significant growth! The peppers are keeping track of this by drawing what they see each day.

Campers did different activities to compare their senses to those of the animals on the farm. The peppers tested depth perception, sight, and hearing. They also learned how cattle grates work to keep animals on the farm!

Happy got a chance to wander the farm today! The peppers took him on a walk and observed what he liked to eat, and do along the way. Campers used the boards and a food trail to lead him in the right direction.

It was all about apples in Garden Kitchen today! Campers made applesauce in the morning and applesauce muffins in the afternoon. The kitchen smelled amazing all day. Follow the recipe card below to make either of these sweet treats.

It is very important to know how to care for an injured animal, especially here on the farm. Today campers learned how to treat a wounded horse's leg. They practiced cleansing the wound, applying medication, and wrapping a no bow with a bandage on Patches the pony. They also got a little extra practice wrapping each others legs!

What better way to wrap up the day! Thanks for stopping by everyone and we will see you back here tomorrow for another day of farm fun.

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