Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Week 1 Day 5

Howdy everyone, and welcome back for the fifth and final day of Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks camp! Campers started the morning off as usual, with animal chores. The green peppers went to the poultry barn to replace the poultry's food and water. They also fed the chickens leftover scraps from the compost bin, including raspberries, lettuce, and zucchini.

Campers were busy in the garden harvesting produce for the farm stand. They also helped water the plants. Afterward, the yellow peppers set up the farm stand where we will be selling fruits, veggies, and herbs for $1 each!

The orange peppers cared for the ponies by giving them fresh water and hay. They also made sure their pen was super clean by scooping poop. Finally, campers groomed all three ponies: Patches, Dozer, and Taffy.

In Garden Kitchen, campers made homemade ice cream. After, they decided to show off their best moves by having a dance party! To make this ice cream at home, follow the recipe card listed below.

Cinnamon got to explore today as campers took her on a hike all around the farm. They observed what she liked to eat along the way, and discussed many of her different features. The peppers also learned that Cinnamon loves hugs!

Campers got to test their aim during archery today. Ms. Kathleen showed the peppers how to load, draw, and shoot an arrow.

Ms. Natalie came to show pepper how to take an ultrasound on an animal. The peppers examined a goat's heart, ruminant, and lungs. It was amazing to see what is going on inside her in real time!

What better way to end the day than with a wagon ride. We are so happy that you could spend the week with us. We had such a blast and can't wait to see you again! Until then, ta-ta for now!

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