Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Week 1 Day 4

Good afternoon parents and peppers! We are back for another day of Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks camp. This morning was extra special because the chicks began to hatch. Visit @bowersschhoolfarm on Instagram to see a time-lapse of the first hatching!

After announcing the exciting news, it was time for the flag ceremony. Then, the green peppers headed to the lower barn to feed the animals. They also milked the goats, and pasteurized it! The goats were so excited for their breakfast this morning that they climbed into the wheelbarrow for a little nibble!

Out in the garden, the peppers harvested raspberries and dill. The dill was used in today's Garden Kitchen recipe, and the raspberries will be sold tomorrow before the farm show!

Time to get cooking! Campers used zucchini to make a fun spin on grilled cheese. They also used dill from the garden to make a cucumber dill salad. Follow the recipe card below to make these at home!

Happy the pig went on an adventure today! The peppers took him on a walk all around the farm. They observed what he liked to eat, and do along the way. Campers even made him a mud puddle to relax in after the long walk.

Peppers built model lungs today using pop bottles, balloons, and straws. They discussed how lungs work, and how negative space and pressure helps to inflate them.

Knowing how to care for an injured animal is a very important skill on the farm. Today campers learned how to wrap a wounded horse leg and got to try it out on Patches the pony. They also got a little extra practice wrapping their own legs!

Campers did different perspective activities to compare their senses to those of our animals. They tested depth perception, sight, and hearing. The peppers also learned why the cattle grates work in keeping animals on the farm!

That's all for day four folks! We're so happy you could join us for another day of farm fun. Don't forget to wear your tie-dye camp shirt tomorrow, and to arrive at 3:30 for the farm show. See you there!

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