Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Week 1 Day 3

Welcome back to Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks day three! After the flag ceremony this morning, campers headed to the barns to do animal chores. The orange peppers cared for the poultry by giving them fresh food and water and sweeping the poultry barn. They also learned how to pick up and handle chickens.

Out in the horse barn, the green peppers fed pigs Happy and Barney as well as all three ponies. They also cleaned the pony pen and groomed Dozer!

Today was the last day campers worked on their brooders. They added the feeders as well as the watering machine. They turned out awesome and will be perfect for the chicks.

In the garden, the peppers helped pick zucchini and tomatoes. The tomatoes will be used in the Garden Kitchen recipe today.

Campers made zucchini noodles and fried tomatoes in Garden Kitchen. Both were delicious and super simple to make! If you want either of these recipes, check the recipe card below.

Today the peppers sheared the lambs' wool. It was the first time they have been sheared, but the campers did a great job! Peppers also learned the importance of removing wool and got to keep the wool they cut.

Campers took time to watch the eggs. It has been 21 days since they have been set, so they should be hatching by the end of the week. Ms. Jessica also candled one of the eggs to get a closer look inside!

What is actually in your milk? Campers examined raw and pasteurized milk from our goats under a microscope. They compared the difference between the two, and saw bacteria in the raw milk!

That's a wrap on day three of camp! Thanks for joining and we'll see you all back here tomorrow.

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