Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Week 1 Day 2

Howdy parents and campers, it's Turnip coming to you with another day of Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Camp! At the flag ceremony this morning, the peppers learned a song called "At the Farm, I Have Found". Afterward, it was time for animal chores. The orange peppers headed to the lower barn to care for the goats, sheep.

Out in the garden, campers helped weed the bean and beet plants. This allows the plants to grow big and strong, without being robbed of nutrients!

In Garden Kitchen, the peppers used yesterday's kale to make kale chips! They also made authentic bruschetta with Chef Emily's family recipe. To make either of these, follow the recipe card listed below!

The green peppers were a huge help on the farm today! They cleared out the farm stand and cleaned it inside and out! It is now ready to be stocked with fresh fruits and veggies from the garden. Also during this time the peppers got to visit with Clover the rabbit!

Campers learned that cows have a ruminant stomach made up of four chambers. They got to experience how each chamber feels, during the Ruminant Bucket activity. After they felt each one, the peppers tried to put the buckets in the correct order of digestion!

The peppers got a visit from a special guest today: Natalie the vet! She taught peppers how to properly give an animal physical. Campers checked the ponies' heart rate, skin, and weight.

The peppers continued to work on their brooders today during STEM. They put their plans into action by collecting materials from the farm and laying the framework. The brooders look awesome and will be great homes for the chicks that should be hatching any day now!

During the vitals challenge, the peppers took the goats' resting heart rate and compared it to their heart rate after exercise. They noticed that after the goats had run up a hill, their heart rate sped up. Peppers discussed why that is and how it is similar to our hearts!

Thanks for stopping by for another day of Healthy Hearts, Hooves, and Hocks Camp! Check back tomorrow to see more of our campers in action. To-da-loo!

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