Goats n' Gardens Week 7 Day 4

It's me again! Our campers had a terrific Thursday here at camp!

Out at the flagpole, our green peppers worked together to raise both flags. After saying our pledges, Jordan got everyone moving with a camper classic, "The Hippo Song!" Afterwards, it was time to start the day!

It was another busy morning down in the garden! Can you believe there was more produce to be harvested? The peppers were able to gather lots of carrots as well as some peas, squash and potatoes.

Like we do every morning, the peppers were busy working together to take care of our animals. After all, team work makes the dream work!

With chores done and the animals taken care of, the campers got to spend time visiting with them. Can you guess what they did? Since this week was all about goats n' gardens, they went on another goat hike!

The peppers got creative in Garden Kitchen. Using zucchini, carrots and cucumbers from the garden, they made zucchini sushi with avocado pesto! You and your pepper(s) are sure to enjoy this fresh and healthy snack!

They also enjoyed savory Parmesan spinach mac & cheese! Now, I wish I got some of that!

After painting their flower pots yesterday, the peppers were able to complete their STEM project by planting their seeds. With their seeds planted and pots filled with soil, they made sure to water them so they'd be nice and healthy when they take them home.

Did you know that you can make soap using milk? Today, our campers worked together to make goat milk soap by mixing fresh goat's milk with melted soap. Tomorrow, it'll be wrapped up for the campers to take home.

Nothing goes better with crackers than butter! Inside the historic Craig Log Cabin our campers learned how to make butter by hand. After their butter was made, they got to enjoy a tasty treat.

After all the fun we had today, I enjoyed a little break out in the sun. I'm excited to see what Fun Friday activities are in store for tomorrow!

See you soon!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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