Goats N' Gardens Week 7 Day 5

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! What an incredible wee this was! Our campers had an amazing day, filled with lots of super fun activities!

The red peppers helped start the day with the flag ceremony and warm up song. This morning, the peppers sang "Baby Sheep," a red pepper remix of the camper favorite, "Baby Shark!"

Before jumping into all the fun activities, the campers worked hard to complete all their chores. After doing chores all week, our campers completed their work with ease!

The peppers continued their hard work down in the garden. They helped David collect more produce as well as water and fertilize some of the crops so that they would be well taken care of before the weekend.

To cool off after working hard all morning, the campers enjoyed watermelon slushie lemonade! This is the perfect treat for a hot summer day! You'll want to make these at home with your pepper(s).

Once they were finished with their refreshing snack, the campers worked together to find all the clues to a scavenger hunt. After searching all around the farm and solving all the clues, the peppers were rewarded with a special prize!

The campers got to pick one of their last activities before wrapping up the week. Some groups spent extra time with the animals while others put the finishing touches on their skit.

To beat the heat, the pepper groups challenged each other to a sponge relay! Regardless of whether they won or lost, all the peppers had fun and stayed cool!

After an exciting afternoon of sponge relay races and capture the flag, our campers headed back to the tent to perform their skits. It was great to see what each group chose to highlight from their week at camp!

Wow, this sure was an amazing and memorable week, filled with lots of garden time and goats! I hope to see everyone back here very soon!

Until next time!

-Em, the Farm Dog

Be sure to check out this week's video to see your pepper(s) in action!

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