Goats n' Gardens Week 7 Day 3

Welcome back to another great day at camp! We sure had a day full of goats n' gardens activities and I wish you could have been here to join us!

To kick-off the morning, the yellow peppers led us through the flag ceremony. With both flags raised and pledges said, group leader Tyler O. joined them to get everyone ready for the day with his warm up song.

I decided to change things up today and visit the garden first. There was a lot to get done and our peppers jumped right in. The pepper groups focused on spreading fresh mulch along the paths of the garden but also harvested more produce, such as onions, squash and cucumbers.

On my way back from the garden, I stopped by the barn to see how chores were going. The peppers made sure to work hard so that they could play hard. Even though chores can be difficult, the campers had fun visiting with the animals while working.

After working hard in the morning, the peppers came back inside to refuel with a yummy snack. It was another busy day in Garden Kitchen and the campers made delicious pumpkin oat cookies! They sure smelled great and I wish I could have gotten one!

The peppers also made kale chips using the kale they harvested from the garden. Now that's what I call a farm to table recipe! You and your pepper(s) will want to enjoy these yummy recipes at home!

The peppers continued to prepare for STEM tomorrow where they will plant their own seed for the plant of their choice. Today, each pepper received a pot or two to decorate.

After preparing their plant pots, the peppers continued to learn about seeds and discussed why it's important to have diversity among plants. They used clay to make seed balls that they would be able to throw or plant in different areas to increase plant diversity.

On Friday at 3:30, the pepper groups will put on a Farm Show! Today, the peppers brainstormed ideas for their skit and began rehearsing for their performance. Make sure you arrive early for pick-up on Friday so that you don't miss your pepper(s) performance!

You've goat to be kidding me! Out by the gazebo, the peppers were visiting our buddies again! Instead of going on a hike, they were giving them a bath. Goat washes help them cool down and get clean but it's also a blast for our campers!

After a long day, it was time for me to relax! I'm looking forward to seeing the campers have more fun with the goats and plants out in the garden tomorrow.

Catch ya later!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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