Goats n' Gardens Week 7 Day 2

Howdy! It was another great day here at Farm Camp! It sure was another busy day here at camp!

Out at the flagpole, the orange peppers helped raise the flags and led us through our morning pledges. To get everyone energized and ready for the activities, group leader Tyler S. shared a warm-up song with all the peppers.

After the flag ceremony was complete and the peppers were energized for the day, it was time to jump into the activities. Before getting into all the fun we had planned, the peppers made sure to complete their chores so that all the animals had food, water and a nice, clean place to live.

With everything looking great in the barns, I trotted down to the gardens to see what our peppers were up to. It was another great day for produce and our peppers were busy harvesting lots of vegetables! Between squash, cucumbers, zucchini and potatoes, the peppers kept busy and had a blast collecting everything.

After harvesting so much produce from our garden, the campers prepared some delicious recipes in Garden Kitchen. Using the tomatoes they harvested yesterday, they made cheese-topped grilled tomatoes! I wish I could have had a little sample!

They also used the kale they picked today to make refreshing kale berry smoothies.

After learning about the necessities for plant growth, the peppers began planning for their own plant. Each pepper made a "plant plan" where they drew concepts of how their chosen plant would look and brainstormed what it would need to survive.

The peppers ventured back outside and learned more about plants. Instead of focusing on produce and flowers like they do in the garden, the peppers learned about weeds, including those that are edible and how to identify them.

Can you believe our campers got to spend more time visiting with the goats today? How awesome is that? Each group was able to walk (or run) around the farm with them. Not only was this a super fun activity, but the peppers learned that goats are naturally great climbers and that they will follow you because they are heard animals.

Our campers also got to spend more time with some of our furry friends! The peppers circled up and spent some quality time with the rabbits and bunnies.

Today was all about Goats n' Gardens, especially between garden time, learning about plants and weeds and taking our goats on a hike!

I'll see you tomorrow for another exciting day!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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