Goats n' Gardens Week 3 Day 3

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It sure was a great day to be at camp! I was so excited for today's activities that I waited by the door for all our campers to arrive!

The yellow peppers led the red, orange and green peppers through the flag ceremony before starting the day. After the yellow peppers raised both flags and campers finished the pledges, Tyler O. got everyone warmed-up and ready for the day with a fun song!

From milking the goats and cleaning stalls to collecting chicken eggs and feeding all of the animals, the campers divided and conquered their chores this morning. The pepper groups did a great job cooperating with each other to complete all their morning chores.

Basil, potatoes, raspberries, oh my! There was a lot to harvest out in the garden today and our campers loved it! Garden Leader David even challenged the campers to a mulch scooping contest. What a fun way to get work done!

With fresh ingredients in hand, campers made their way to Garden Kitchen. Using the fresh basil and some mint, campers made basil mint pesto that they paired with crackers for their morning snack. You can enjoy this delicious recipe with your camper(s) by following the recipe below!

After lunch, campers continued working on their compost bins. Using materials from their lunches, campers learned which materials should be included in the compost and what needed to be left out. Once their materials were added to the bin, campers finished it off by adding in worms!

Each pepper group will be presenting their own skit about what they learned at camp during the week. Campers worked together to start brainstorming skit ideas before they started rehearsal for the Farm Show on Friday. Make sure to arrive early for pick-up since the show will start at 3:30!

Using newspaper and handmade glue, campers made seed tapes. These are easy to make and can be saved and planted later since all the materials used were biodegradable!

Today, campers got to do a farm favorite, the goat wash! Each pepper group got a chance to wash one of our goats. While it's fun to wash the goat, it's also great for the goat. Washing helps the goats stay healthy and get clean while cooling off from the summer heat!

Speaking of cooling off from the summer heat, don't forget to pack a swim suit and towel for your camper(s) on Friday!

See you tomorrow morning!

-Em, the Farm Dog

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