Goats n' Gardens Week 3 Day 2

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hi again! It's me, Em! Boy, did our campers have a terrific Tuesday here at camp!

This morning, our orange peppers worked together to raise the flags before they led us through our pledges. After both flags were raised up, group leader Tyler S. led all of the peppers through a fun warm-up song that got the campers buzzing with excitement for the day!

With the flag ceremony and warm-up song done, campers were ready to start the day with their morning animal chores.

During their time in the garden, campers continued weeding, spreading mulch and planting seeds/plants. They were able to harvest a bunch of different produce such as cucumbers, zucchini, raspberries, kale and Swiss Chard. Some campers even got to check out the greenhouse where they learned about hydroponics and examined how the plants grow in the greenhouse compared to the garden.

In Garden Kitchen, campers used the kale they harvested out in the garden to make kale chips. This recipe is super easy and our campers loved this healthy snack! You can make these at home to send with your camper(s) in their lunch using the recipe card below!

Campers were busy and buzzing with activity when beekeepers Aliza and Todd taught the peppers about bees. This was great for campers because after all, bees can't "bee" that bad with all the help they bring!

Bees make honey, wax, propolis, pollen, venom and royal jelly, each of which is used in everyday life! Campers also got to see wax frames (honeycomb) up close and saw how beekeepers extract the honey before sampling some of their own!

Later in the afternoon, the pepper groups ventured back out to the garden. Instead of harvesting produce, campers learned about weeds, how to identify them and which weeds are edible. Some campers even worked together to draw the different types of weeds they saw. All the peppers loved seeing what edible weeds taste like!

With some knowledge of weeds in mind, the pepper groups continued working on their worm compost bin. Today, they hiked around the farm for materials they could pit in their bin, including dirt, leaves, grass, weeds, hay and even food scraps!

Campers were also able to visit with our rabbits during Rabbit Hangout! Our campers loved seeing the rabbits, but the kits (baby bunnies) were the stars of the show. Each pepper group got to visit with and pet the newest additions to our rabbit family. How cute are they?

Today, our campers had a blast learning new things while doing fun activities. I'm curious to see what else is planned for the rest of the week!

Until tomorrow!

-Em, the Farm Dog

P.S. Friday is going to be a busy day! Please make sure to pack a swimsuit and towel for your camper(s) for an activity and make sure to arrive early for our Farm Show at 3:30!

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