Five Senses Week 6 Day 2

As soon as camp starts, it comes to an end! With so much left to do on the farm, we wasted no time in starting our day!

Before heading outside to the garden, we got a chance to decorate bags that we took with us to collect all sorts of plants that used our five senses.

When we were out in the garden, we collected herbs, some tomatoes, carrots, and other plants with interesting textures and smells! Each of our campers did some amazing investigative work to fill their bags!

We spent a long time exploring the garden, and we were all getting very warm. Everyone was ready to go inside and cool off while eating lunch. We had an indoor picnic to stay out of the heat and had some free play time while we waited for everyone to finish lunch.

After lunch, we remembered all we had learned about our five senses and used our new knowledge to fill out a sticker worksheet, matching different objects to the senses we use when we think of those objects. Our campers did such an amazing job discussing their senses and how some objects use more than one sense!

We also got a chance to take our goats, Indie and Poppy, on a walk around the farm! Each camper got a turn to walk the goats - it was so much fun!

It was a long walk with our goats in the sun; we needed something to help us cool off. We headed out to a shady spot to enjoy some delicious popsicles before the end of the day.

It was time for campers to get picked up - we were sad to see them go, but we had such an amazing week at camp!

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