Five Senses Week 6 Day 1

Hello, everyone! We are so excited to share about our amazing day at Five Senses farm camp! We welcomed a new group of campers to the farm and had such an amazing, fun filled day.

Once all the campers had arrived, we started to talk about what our five senses are and how they help us - we discussed taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch. We then made a craft using our five senses handprint to help us remember!

After our morning craft, we stopped to have a quick snack of animal crackers before heading out onto the farm. While eating our snack, we talked about how we can use our different senses on the farm!

Then, it was time to go visit our animals! We went into the chicken coop to see all of our hens and our turkeys. We even heard our turkey burp! It was so funny. Inside the chicken coop, the hens had laid some eggs so we got to collect the eggs to get ready to wash them. We also got a quick stop by our ponies to say hello while they were eating breakfast.

We also got to meet two of our baby bunnies and get a chance to hold them. It was so sweet to watch our campers be so gentle and kind to our tiny friends!

We also got to play with our sheep, goats, and baby cow in the lower barn! Everyone was so brave!

After we had seen all of the animals on the farm, we took a wagon ride around to see everything else on the farm! While on our ride, we saw the horses, cows, two deer, and we even saw a red-tailed hawk! Wow!

After the wagon ride, it was time for lunch! We had an indoor picnic since the ground was too wet from the rain the night before. Everyone was hungry and ready to get some energy back after all the morning fun!

With our lunch cleaned up and our tummies full, we headed outside for a scavenger hunt! We found so many fun things on the farm, like butterflies, ants, worms, and lots of plants! Our campers were amazing spies as they searched the farm!

Because everyone did such an amazing job, we ended our day with a special treat! We had strawberry, banana smoothies with honey and fruit juice! Yum!!

We cannot wait for our final day of camp tomorrow!

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