Five Senses Week 5 Day 1

Today was a super rainy day at camp! With all the wetness outside, we did some fun indoor activities to keep dry. It did not stop us from getting out to see the animals and some more exciting parts of the farm.

We started our day off by playing a fun camp game called "Ranger". Each of the campers picked an animal to pretend to be. We had a ranger try to catch the animals while she called out different characteristics. If the campers were tagged, they turned into trees and got to tag their friends! It was lots of fun and allowed us to get out some of our energy.

Unfortunately, while we were playing, it started to rain so we headed back inside to enjoy a morning snack and complete another fun activity.

We focused on our sense of taste today. We decided to talk about different foods and whether or not we enjoy those foods. We created a chart with all the foods we like and do not like. While some of us were doing that activity, others were making a yummy strawberry, banana smoothie! We then switched so everyone got to enjoy a smoothie and the activity!

By now, it was pouring outside! We came back inside the classroom to remember some of the textures we talked about yesterday. We sat in our small color groups and talked about the different textures. We used what we collected from our paper bags and some other fun textured items and glued them on a sheet of paper with a hand on them to discuss all the different textures. Our campers got super creative using cotton balls, feathers, string, and sandpaper!

It stopped raining so we took the time to take a wagon ride around the farm. While on our ride, we saw the horses and the sheep grazing in the fields! Of course, during our ride, it started to pour again so we had to head back towards the classroom.

Before heading inside, we took our paper bags from yesterday and walked through the master garden to find cool textures and smells - we were able to pull leaves of things that felt and smelled good! We found lambs ear which was super soft, lavender that smelled delicious, and all sorts of other bumpy, smooth, and rough textured plants.

All this and then it was time for lunch! We ate lunch inside because it was wet outside! Then, we had some free time to play and enjoy some crafts.

Once we were all cleaned up from lunch, we got to head back out to the farm to see our poultry barn and the lower barn where the sheep and goats live! We saw baby turkeys, big giant turkeys, chickens, and quails. We got to pet a baby turkey, listen to the grown up ones gobble, and we got to pet a hen. We also got to go inside the goat pen where we saw sheep and goats. There was even a baby cow! There was also a teeny tiny baby goat that greeted our campers with a special hello.

Once we saw all our animals, we headed back inside to enjoy a snack and talk about what we did that day before heading home.

It was such an amazing, rainy day with our Barnyard Buddies!

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