Five Senses Week 5 Day 1

Today was a hot day at the farm - we had so much fun exploring in between our water breaks!

For our Five Senses camp, we focused day one on touch and smell. When campers arrived, we decorated paper bags so we could collect things on the farm with different textures and smells.

We then took those bags out to the wagon where we took a wagon ride to the big garden. Before hopping on the wagon, we said hello to the sheep and got to smell some super cool plants nearby - one of the plants smelled like popcorn!

Once we got to the garden, we walked through a secret path to get to all the fruits and vegetables. We saw corn, cabbage, zucchini, raspberries, peppers, and cucumbers! Farmer David cut up a cucumber for us to eat - it was so fresh and delicious. While checking out all the fruits and veggies, we made sure to notice the different textures of the plants. Some were bumpy, some were smooth, some were poky, and some were soft.

We hopped back on the wagon to ride around the pumpkin patch back to the classroom. On our ride, we saw three big black cows munching on some grass! We also saw a deer running through the trees.

Once back at the classroom, we ate lunch on picnic blankets inside so we could cool off from our long garden adventure. We also had time for crafts and playing inside.

Then, it was time to go visit our animals. Today we got to play with our baby bunnies and help groom our ponies! We talked about all the different textures of the two animals while enjoying their company.

After our walk around seeing the animals, we were ready to come back in and cool off. We got a big drink of water before heading outside to enjoy some refreshing popsicles and reflect on the day. We talked about each thing we did, and the different textures and smells, writing them on a white board so parents could see!

It was such a fun-filled busy day. We cannot wait for another day of Barnyard Buddies tomorrow!

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