Five Senses Week 4 Day 2

Even though camp just started, today was the last day! It went by so fast - at least the weather cooperated so we could enjoy every inch of the farm!

Today, we started by going out to the garden. We got to see the herbs including mint, thyme, and basil. Our adventurous campers tried the herbs after picking a few leaves (carefully)!

We also got to pick raspberries - not very many made it into the container. We ate most of them as we picked them. They were delicious! We also picked a HUGE head of cabbage, some potatoes, and snap peas. There are SO many fruits and vegetables on the farm. Another fun thing about the garden is that there are slugs - they are not helpful for the plants but they are super fun to search for, and we got to collect some to get them out of the garden.

After our walk back from the garden and a snack, we stayed inside to cool off by reading some stories and doing a 5 Senses craft! After talking about the different senses and how we use them on the farm, we created a banner with our five senses handprints using all different colors! It turned out so cute!

After that, we got to feed the chicken a morning snack. We took them some lettuce, and they were so happy! As soon as they saw us coming, they ran over to catch what we were throwing and did not waste a second before they started to eat.

We needed to fuel up before our afternoon activities so we ate lunch and played inside a bit more.

Camp would not be the same without the animals so we had to do some more with them before camp was over! We took the baby goat, Indie, out on a walk. The campers absolutely loved it! We also got to groom our pony, Patches. She was really grateful to our campers for helping get her clean.

As it was almost time to leave, we enjoyed our final snack, some farm trail mix. Yum!

We are going to miss our campers - it was a wonderful week!

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