Five Senses Week 4 Day 1

We welcomed our new campers to the farm for an amazing week of camp! There was so much to do and see on the farm. It was a wonderful day!

We started off the day by visiting all of the animals. We headed to the poultry barn where we saw turkeys, chickens, quails, and pigs. The pig, Pigarella, was so excited to see our campers, welcoming them with lots of "oink"s! We also got to meet one of the baby turkeys - they are about six days old! The babies were so tiny and soft, but they had loud chirps!

We also got to go into the horse barn to see our horses. Mirage came over to greet the Barnyard Buddies and make them feel welcome! Barney and Happy, our two potbelly pigs, also excitedly greeted our campers.

In the lower barn, we saw goats, sheep, and a new baby calf. The calf is still too scared to say hello, but he is starting to warm up to our campers. The goats and sheep were so happy to have some pets from the Barnyard Buddies, almost as happy as our campers were to pet their farm friends!

Inside the hayloft, our campers got a super special surprise. One of our farm bunnies, Joan, had babies! We brought the babies into the hayloft to meet the campers so they could pet them gently. It was such a sweet experience.

After all the animal visits, we headed inside to cool off and enjoy a drink and a snack.

Then, we took chalk outside and made chalk handprints on the sidewalk and colored all over as a way to greet our parents when they arrived.

It was then time to eat lunch! We enjoyed an indoor picnic to stay out of the sun. Once we had finished our food and had full tummies, we had some free play time to play with our barn toys, play-doh, and coloring supplies!

Some peacocks live on the farm, and they are starting to lose their feathers to grow new ones for the new season! We went on a little scavenger hunt to see if we could find any feathers. We found a bunch! It was so fun!

After that, we had a little bit of time to play with the parachute before the end of the day. Playing with the parachute made us work up a sweat so we enjoyed a nice cool treat before going home. We had some delicious popsicles to end our first day of camp!

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