Five Senses Week 3 Day 2

It was a SUPER hot day today, but that did not stop our Barnyard Buddies from making the most of the day and enjoying some sunshine!

We collected eggs from the chickens and the quails in the morning! It was so much fun to watch our careful campers collect eggs and investigate the difference between the eggs - their sizes, coloring, and texture all vary slightly!

We even made an amazing nature trail mix - the pretzels were sticks, M&M's were the bugs, marshmallows were the clouds, and Kix cereal represented the rocks. Our trail mix helped us remember different parts of nature. But, most importantly, it tasted delicious!

In order to stay cool with the blazing heat, we headed outside to play in the sprinklers! The cool water allowed us to run around, play tag, and throw balls without getting too hot! It was a blast! We also had some campers drawing more pictures on the sidewalk with chalk.

All of these fun activities led us to the end of the day and time to say goodbye to our amazing campers! Stay cool and hydrated this weekend!

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