Five Senses Week 2 Day 2

For our second, and last, day of Five Senses, we continued our exploration of the farm with so many adventures!

We started our day by taking a trip to the garden! We picked dill, mint, and oregano - some of us even tasted the dill and mint! All of those yummy smells and tastes are growing right in our backyard!

We also got to pick radishes, raspberries, and snap peas in the big garden! We ate those too - there are so many tasty things on the farm!

After our long walk back from the garden, our campers needed a snack and lots of water; we marched to the gazebo to enjoy a shady snack before the next activity.

Bowers Farm chickens lay an egg a day! So, we got a super special job and got to help clean the chicken eggs to be sold and eaten. The eggs are fragile so we had to be extra careful not to drop them. Barnyard Buddies did an amazing job!

We also got to create our own farm story using stickers. We thought about what we would want our farm to look like and the types of animals that we would have - we have some creative campers!

Once our stories were complete and the eggs were washed, we took a wagon ride out to a picnic lunch by the pumpkin patch! With all the things we did, it was important to fuel up before the end of the day.

Back by the classroom, after lunch, we got to play with a parachute - what a fun time! Our campers love the parachute.

Before saying goodbye to our campers, we got to eat our delicious dehydrated fruit snacks that we made yesterday. What a yummy, sweet way to end our Five Senses camp!

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