Five Senses Week 2 Day 1

After a restful week off for the Fourth of July, it was time to head back to camp for another fun week full of sunshine, animals, gardens, and campers!

Our happy campers arrived with lots of smiles this morning for their first day of camp! After having some time to color and play, we headed out to say hello to our animals!

Some of our animals are off at fair with 4-H, but there was still plenty to see on the farm! In the lower barn, our campers got to say hello to some of our kid goats and lambs! While the older campers were helping get their food ready (hay), we got to pet them and play for a little.

We got to spend some time in the hay loft and found a farm cat. Then we got to say hello to our bunnies - the baby bunnies even made a special appearance.

Barnyard buddies then got to pet our three ponies and feed them a nice snack of hay before their lunch.

Once inside the poultry barn, we said hello to a couple of our pigs and got to see our quails and chickens. We got to hold chicken and quail eggs - everyone was so careful with the fragile eggs. On our walk back, we saw a HUGE wagon of hay being delivered to the farm!

After a quick snack to get back some energy, we started to make our special snack for tomorrow. We cut up apples and bananas to make some sweet fruit snacks!

It was then time to take a wagon ride out to a shady picnic spot. We fueled up on lunch before the end of the day activity.

The banana peels and apple scraps from earlier in the day should not go to waste - we took them down to the goats and pigs so they could have a snack!

Then we came back up to the classroom and made our own snack - strawberry, banana smoothies! Yum!

See you tomorrow, Barnyard Buddies!

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