Five Senses Week 1 Day 2

With the first official week of camp coming to a close, we had one amazing, final day with our campers! They bravely endured the heat, with LOTS of water and air conditioning breaks, to experience more fun at the farm!

We started our last day by heading out to the garden. On our way out, we stopped to smell the thyme in the master garden and feel the Lambs Ear plants growing along the path. Right away, we discovered so many things with our senses!

We then continued our walk out to the big garden, stopping in the shade to climb a few rocks and recover from the warm sun.

After reaching the garden, we picked some oregano, ventured to the raspberries and picked some weeds, and got to cool off with some of the cool water that helps our plants grow! Our brave campers even got to play with some worms from the worm bin that help our soil stay healthy for the plants.

The sun was beating down on us, so we headed inside to get some water and enjoy a nice snack in the air. After that, we had some time to play indoors and wash the chicken eggs that we gathered the previous day! Our careful campers were so gentle and tedious when washing eggs. They did an amazing job!

This brought us to lunch! We took another wagon ride out to a shady picnic spot where we could get back some energy! The wind outside helped to keep us cool.

After that, we spent some time outside coloring and playing with hula hoops, using them to explore the ground, seeing what things we could find!

Our campers then came inside to enjoy two VERY special treats! Two baby chicks came to play with us and teach us more about our senses and the farm. Our campers also got to make and enjoy some refreshing strawberry banana smoothies! It was such a nice way to cool off and enjoy the end of the day.

Once our smoothies were gone and we had tired the chicks out, it was time to say goodbye to our wonderful campers!

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